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Typhoon Relief Follow-Up

The moment I stepped out of the cab at the NingNing slum, I was bombarded by many of the parents of the children. They thanked me profusely for the plywood and tools we gave them to assist in the relief and rebuilding efforts after typhoon “Ondoy” ravaged the city of Manila last October. They couldn’t wait to show me some of the reparations they had made to their damaged shanty. 

Here is a picture I took last October just a couple of weeks after the typhoon hit. The entire back room was totally destroyed… 

Justine's house after typhoon - back room destroyed


 This is a picture of the same room repaired… 

Damage repaired!


 They used the plywood to patch up the floor and the back wall and even made a divider to make another room. Janine, who is one of the NingNing girls, showed me the room with such pride and joy, “Ate Ali look – us kids have our own room to sleep in now!” Before, all eleven family members slept on the hardwood floor in one room. Now, they can have a little more space and privacy. 

Janine and Justine standing with mom in newly repaired living room


It doesn’t look like much to those of us used to sleeping in comfy beds each night. I still had to fight my aching heart, desperately wanting to remove these girls from seemingly horrid conditions. But as I looked through the lens of my camera to snap a shot of them in their newly repaired living room, I was almost blinded by their smiles, shining ever so brightly. Every small improvement can make a world of difference. 

None of this would have possible without the donations given towards the relief efforts in the aftermath of the typhoon, which was one of the biggest in Philippine history. The money that YOU gave provided the materials to make a lasting impact on their safety, health and quality of life. Thank you!

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