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Justine’s Progress Report



Justine's College


Justine is doing very well in her classes at STI. She is studying Hotel and Restaurant Management and is just 7 weeks away from completing her first semester of college. Way to go Justine!

Justine Gelera - NingNing Scholar


I made a visit to the school to get a progress report from her teachers. She has very high marks in all of her courses except English. We met with her teacher and she said Justine was struggling with grammar. The teacher did say however, that Justine was trying her very best but that some outside help might help.

Classroom at STI


My dear friend Akiko has offered to tutor Justine once a week to help her with her English speaking and comprehension. Nonie, a helper of NingNing PEF and a former English teacher himself will also be meeting up with Justine each week to go over her grammar lessons. We are hopeful that with these added resources and a bit of extra guidance, Justine will be able to bring up her grade by the end of the semester.

It was fun to hear from Justine firsthand how her classes are going. She says she is really enjoying her classes and is so grateful for the opportunity. She is most excited about her cooking class where she is learning new techniques in a hands-on lab setting. She can’t wait to continue with the more advanced classes.

Nonie, who meets up with Justine each week to give her allowance said to me, “Ali, I have really noticed a difference in Justine since she started school.”

“Really? How so?” I asked.

“She carries herself differently. She has a new confidence that she didn’t have before.  This scholarship has given her significance and meaning and it shows.”

Wow.  This is above and beyond a good progress report! A life is being forever changed for the better through the help of your generous donations. On behalf of Justine and the NingNing PEF team, thank you!

Please keep Justine in your prayers these next 7 weeks as she wraps up her semester and takes her final exams. If you would like to send her a note of encouragement, please send me an email at It would mean so much to her to know people around the world believe in her and are rooting for her to succeed in all she does.

I am also thinking of setting up a twitter account for Justine so we can hear straight from her how things are going, so watch out for that soon.  🙂

Thanks again and God bless you!

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