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Upcoming Scholars 2010


Potential NingNing Scholar


 This is Josie. She is 16-years-old and she is going to graduate high school this March. She would like to study to become a pre-school teacher. There seems to be little guidance provided at her school to help her find a college track suited to her goals and abilities. The NingNing volunteers are currently stepping in to help her find a school that offers degrees in children’s education and to meet all the enrollment requirements. 

Potential NingNing Scholar


This is Ermalyn. She is 16-years-old and will also be graduating from high school this March. She told us that she would like to study industrial engineering, so we are currently looking into colleges that offer courses in this field. We hope to get her enrolled in time to begin her first semester in June. 

Potential NingNing Scholar


This is Jerson. He is not part of  the NingNing community, but he has been on my heart as someone to sponsor for years. He was a regular attendee at the street childrens’ feeding program for which I volunteered when I lived in Manila. Alfredo, my partner in NingNing initiative has sort of taken him and his brother in, rescuing them from a broken and abusive home. He always kept very quiet on those saturday mornings, but what made him stand out from the rest was his outstanding artistic talent. Check it out for yourself… 

Jerson Demonstrating Artistic Talent


 He has expressed interest in studying Hotel and Restaurant Management in college, as it would likely lead to a more lucrative job, but I would love to encourage him to continue his artwork on the side. 

Therefore, NingNing PEF would like to give Jerson a scholarship to cover his studies, but only under one condition: he continues to pursue his art as a hobby. We are currently looking into finding him a class or a teacher who would provide lessons for him to hone his God-given artistic skills. He is a NingNing artist in the making! 

If anyone knows of any artists or art schools in Manila that would be willing to volunteer their time to work with Jerson, please pass along the details. We would be so grateful!

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