Moving underprivileged youth to a SHINING life through college scholarships

Here is a report of Justine’s expenses for her entire first semester of college (Nov ’09-Mar ’10) in case any donors would like to see exactly where their money is going.  Her total expenses came out to PhP32,623.25 broken down as follows:

Tuition Fee PhP 18,770.00

Uniform 4,074.75

School supplies 706.50

School projects 733.00

Field Trips 1,000.00

Personal Allowance 7,339.00

Total  32,623.25

This report helped us to budget for Justine’s needs for her second semester and for the other scholars as well. Alfredo and Nonie have done an excellent job of recording every penny spent. Should you have more questions regarding where NingNing donations are going and how they are being spent, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Thank you!

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