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Justine and Josie finished up their summer job working at a children’s cooking school called Tiny Kitchen. Owner and Director Vicky Barerra hired the girls to assist her in running her children’s cooking classes all summer in Manila. Below is Vicky and Justine.

Vicky and Justine

The girls learned so much over the summer. From meal planning and buying ingredients to measuring and making various recipes, they learned it all! It was just perfect for Justine because she is studying Hotel and Restaurant Management and hopes to work in a restarant some day. She says she feels so much more confident and prepared to go back to her course and is excited to apply all that she learned! Below are the girls and all the people employed at the cooking school having a “Lechon Party” (roasted pig) to celebrate the end of the summe. Hooray!

End of Summer Celebration

Josie also benefited greatly from working at Tiny Kitchen. As NingNing’s newest scholar, she will be studying education at college and hopes to become a pre-school teacher. This summer job gave her much interaction with young children, which she loved. This experience made her even more certain that teaching is what she wants to do. Josie is in green below (laughing). 🙂

Summer Job Over!

Beyond the actual skills Justine and Josie learned while working at the cooking school, they also learned about money management. Each week they were paid a salary and were required to put a portion of if aside, giving it to Vicky for safe keeping. After several weeks of saving, they each had enough to open up their own bank accounts. This is very rare for the “street” environment in which they grew up. Since people are just trying to survive day to day, no one learns or teaches the value of saving or money management. Justine and Josie are both the first ones in their families to have bank accounts.

By the end of the summer, they had both saved up a significant portion, which now sits in their bank accounts for safe keeping. They will be investing a small amount of the money they earned into their NingNing scholarships so they have some responsibility in their education. They will be free to use the rest of their earnings to help their families, but with supervision and guidance from the NingNing staff.

Justine, Josie and the NingNing team would like to extend a very special THANK YOU to Vicky for graciously taking on the girls all summer, providing for their meals and housing. It was truly a productive and meaningful experience, full of learning new skills and the responsibilities of holding a real job.  We hope to continue to partner with Tiny Kitchen for our future scholars!

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