Moving underprivileged youth to a SHINING life through college scholarships

Its time for a fresh round of fund raising! In the next one month period (June 15-July 15), we would like to raise enough to cover the needs for the entire school year 2010-11 for each student.

Based on Justine’s school expenses for the first semester and figuring the other three expenses based on the school tuition fee and Justine’s other expenses modified, we would need the following for the school year 2010 – 2011:


National Teachers College

Cost per year: Php 40,000 = USD $870 = SGD $1,200


International Computer College & Technology (ICCT)

Cost per year: Php 40,000 = US $870 = SGD $1,200


International Computer College & Technology (ICCT)

Cost per year: Php 40,000 = USD $870 = SGD $1,200


System Technological Institution (STI)

Cost per year: Php 65,000 = USD $1,400 = SGD $2,000

The TOTAL amount needed to cover the entire school year for all four scholars is:

PhP 185,000 = US$ 4,000 = SGD$5,600.

100% of the donations go towards the college education of the scholars, including tuition fees, school supplies, transportation, food allowance, and any other expenses that come up along the way.

It’s only because of your continued investment in this initiative that lives are being transformed and hope for a brighter future is being restored through education. Thank you!

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