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Blessings in a Bag

My friend in Singapore runs an organization called “Blessings in a Bag.” Basically, they send huge boxes of donated goods to impoverished communities around Asia. She graciously agreed to partner with the NingNing Philippines Education Fund and send a box to the NingNing community.

She had told me several weeks prior to my trip to Manila that she had sent the box but wasn’t sure of its exact arrival date. I told Alfredo to look out for the box being sent to the church where the girls gather.

I had totally forgotten about the box when I came to Manila. That is, until I arrived the morning of our NingNing party and guess what was there? The Blessings in a Bag Boxes!! I couldn’t believe the impeccable timing. Out of all the days it could have arrived… and there is was, on THE day of the NingNing party. There had to be some divine orchestration on that one!

We split up all the goods – stuffed animals, toys, clothes, shoes, blankets, etc into bags for each girl.

They were so thrilled to receive the gifts. They truly were blessings…in a bag!

The younger ones absolutely ecstatic about their stuff animals and toys! There were running around screaming and laughing…it was a sight to see. 🙂

It truly felt as if the heavens were opened right before our eyes. I had prepared little goodies for the girls, but had no idea these extra gifts would come.

A HUGE thank you to Blessings in a Bag for your kind efforts to send this box. It will probably be the highlight of the entire year for many of the girls. And thank you God- Your loving presence was felt through these timely gifts today.

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