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NingNing Reunion

Every time I go back to Manila, we plan a big reunion celebration at the same place we used to meet on those Saturday mornings when the girls would come to the Street Dwellers Feeding Program.

Here we are… together again!

First, we gathered the girls to share with them a message of hope and encouragement. Alfredo had to help translate in Tagalog because unfotunately mine was very rusty! I reminded them of God’s great love for them and that He has a plan to give them hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). I encouraged them to keep working hard to finish high school so the NingNing Fund could offer more scholarships to go to college.

We gave special recognition to each of our four scholars – Justine, Josie, Ermalyn and Jerson – who have set a good example for the others so far. One of the teen girls, who had dropped out of high school, told us she decided to go back to school because she wanted to be able to go to college like the others. I was so pleased to hear that!

Special necklaces were given out to each girl as a reminder of two things: God is watching over them, and many people are believing in them and praying for their success from around the world.

Joy’s was too small – oops! Headband?

Then the celebration began. We ordered Jollibee (the local version of McDonalds), which is always a hit with the girls. Yum!

And as an extra special surprise, we hired two nail artists to give the girls manicures and pedicures. They couldn’t believe it!

Ella-Mae with pretty toes…

Josie getting her nails done…


 Ermalyn enjoying the pampering session…


NingNing (glittering, glowing, sparkling) toes…

We gave the girls (plus Jerson) two assignments during the arts and crafts session:

1) to draw their dreams and  2) to make a thank you card to the donors (you!), who have supported the NingNing Fund. I am always amazed with the creativity that flows from each child…

My dear friend Akiko has been a consistent supporter and volunteer with NingNing Philippines Education Fund. She steps in to help with English tutoring when it’s needed. She was at the party… serenading us on the piano (8 months pregnant with little Noah)!

Akiko also was a big help with documenting the occasion. She went around to each child asking them on video what they hoped to become when they grow up (which will hopefully be uploaded for your viewing soon!). Here is Joy in the spotlight!

And finally, Marie, Janine and Ella-Mae – the “three musketeers” – performed a dance for us. Bravo!

Alfredo and Nonie are really the steam behind this engine. They meet up with the scholars EVERY week to check on how they are doing, collect progress reports and hand out the following week’s allowances. They have done an excellent job making accurate records of where the funds are going. Without their help, this endeavor would not be possible! Thank you Alfredo and Nonie!

We ended the party with a word of prayer. I had the privilege of praying over each girl and lifting up their lives and every dream and desire of their hearts up to our God Almighty. As I was praying, I was filled with such peace and comfort knowing that God and His angels are watching over this community of girls, even when they are sleeping at night. They may come from the darkest slums, but His light is shining ever brighter through them each day!

Dear Lord, I lift up the lives and futures of these precious girls into Your hands…

Thank you to those of you who gave donations to make this party an extra special one. It truly was a blessed time of reconnecting and celebrating over four years of knowing this precious group of girls. 

Who’s Who?

 See what keeps me coming back?

 Kiks preparing for motherhood (LOL)…

It was another heavenly reunion with this group of glittering, glowing, sparkling group of girls. Thank you for your enthusiastic support in helping moving them toward a brighter future through college scholarships. Their lives are being transformed as the NingNing program acts as a channel of abundant blessings. Just one look at their smiling faces is a testament…that lives are being changed for the better. And hopefully yours are too. 🙂
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