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Below is a letter Alfredo wrote to the people at Blessings in a Bag. I thought I would share it with you all…

We set the afternoon of 18th September for Ali to meet with the girls at the Lord’s Church at 3 PM.


I came a little early just so I would be there if the girls would come earlier than scheduled.


At the door was this big box and I realized it was from Singapore. It suddenly dawned on me that a box from Singapore would be coming for distribution to the girls. It came on the right day. Just right!


I am glad I came earlier because that gave me time to sort out the content and decide what goes to who. We got 13 plastic bags and filled them with goodies from your box according to what I thought they would enjoy.


It was also a joy on our part to see them sort out what they had in their plastic bags. Stuffed toys are something children from poor families from depressed areas will rarely and unlikely have because they are expensive. We were able to give each of them 4 – 5 stuff toys from the number you sent!


I want you to know the joy you brought to these girls because of what you sent. Thank you!




Alfredo Olavidez

NingNing Volunteer

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