Moving underprivileged youth to a SHINING life through college scholarships

NingNing scholar Justine placed 3rd among 11 participants in their cooking contest… way to go Justine! Here she is looking spiffy in her chef’s uniform…

Here she is preparing her entry for the judges. So focused!

But she managed to have some fun too…

And of course had to do some taste testing along the way. 😉

And all her hard work turned out these four dishes, which won her the bronze standing in the contest. Wish we could all have a taste, don’t you?

These pictures are yet another testament to Justine’s visible progress since she began attending college in 2009. She is thriving as a Hotel and Restaurant Management major at STI and is enjoying the hands-on learning opportunities!

Overall, we are pleased to report that Justine has done very well in her classes this last semester. Her most notable achievements were scoring a flat 1 grade in her Tagalog course (which Alfredo tells me is a very notable accomplishment) and she also got the HIGHEST GRADE IN MANDARIN out of about 30 plus students who took the exam. Justine continues to work hard and make us proud!

Her last final was on March 20th and her last day of class was on March 26th. We will be receiving her final grades in April and will keep you informed.

There is no doubt that without your financial and prayerful support, Justine would not be enrolled in college right now. There is no telling where she would be – vending on the streets? Jobless and pregnant? Thankfully, there is not a day Justine takes this NingNing scholarship for granted and continues to demonstrate her commitment to graduating in the hopes that she can get a job that will help her family.

Words cannot express how grateful the scholars and the entire NingNing team are to have you play a part in shaping a BRIGHTER future for these kids. Thank you!

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