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Courtney, Ali, Becky, Kelli Post-Race

On May 7th, my mom, two sisters and I participated in the Indianapolis Half-Marathon… and finished! We all felt great, due to our many months of training in the snowy conditions of Bozeman, Montana and Portland, Maine! My mom crossed the finish line at 2:58, Courtney was 2:48, Kelli was 2:30 and I was 1:45. Way to go guys!

What’s even more exciting is that donors pledged for each kilometer we ran, which raised a total of $3,500! This was an awesome showing of support for NingNing Philippines Education Fund, thanks to all who made a generous donation. And an extra special thank you to the donor who said if I finished in 1:45, he would add on a bonus $500! This gave me the motivation to really push it at the end. All I could think about was raising that extra money for our NingNing kids…and I met the challenge, just barely!

$2,000 will go towards our NingNing Scholarship Fund. This amount will provide for an entire year of college for one of our scholars – hooray!

$1,500 will go towards Alfredo Olavidez, NingNing’s Director of Operations in Manila.

NingNing Staff: Nonie, Ali and Alfredo (Sept. '10)

Alfredo was diagnosed with prostate cancer (stage I) a few weeks ago and is facing enormous financial pressure to be able to meet his immediate medical expenses. Since he has been such an integral part of operating and sustaining the NingNing Philippines Education Fund, I thought it was appropriate to allocate some funds for him during this difficult time. Please keep him in your prayers as he undergoes treatment and prepares for surgery in July.

Thank you again for your prayerful and monetary support of the NingNing Philippines Education Fund, as we work together to make college education a reality for underprivileged youth in the Philippines!

**If you would like to view a video clip of me running half-way through the race, you can click the link (I am crossing the white line about 10 seconds in, wearing an orange top and orange hat):

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