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Scholar Update!

Alfredo, Jerson, Josie, Justine, Nonie

Josie and Justine completed their second semester in mid March and early April 2011 respectively. Justine did very well academically. She topped the exam on a foreign language and placed third in a cooking contest. Hooray! This is a great accomplishment considering she had a failing grade in English when she started schooling but managed to improve and did very well in most of her courses.

On the side, she and Josie participated in the Daily Vacation Bible School at the Lord’s Church where they regularly attend and are mentored. To acknowledge their involvement in this summer activity, they, together with other young people and young professionals who also were very much part of this teaching arm of the Church, were treated to a trip to the Sea World. They shared how they enjoyed the dinner in one of the better fast food restaurants which offered unlimited servings of rice. They teased one another about how many servings they asked for. Meals at restaurants are something rare and special to these kids.

Justine and Josie were also sponsored to attend a Holy Week retreat of the Lord’s Church. This spiritual activity drew them closer to the Lord and they learned to walk more in His ways.

They spent part of their summer weeks helping Vicky in her Tiny Kitchen assisting in her cooking classes for kids.

Josie is a C average student but is striving hard to improve her grades. After she finished her household chores, she studied her lessons with candles as light, as they do not have enough money to enjoy the services of an electric company. She utilizes the teaching expertise of Nonie who held regular tutorial classes with her.

Both Justine and Josie are now in their second month of the first semester for the school year 2011-2012 with Justine completing her two year course in October and Josie her second year of classes. Justine should be marching for her certificate course in Hotel and Restaurant Management graduation in May 2012.

Jerson also did well academically. He is a C+ average student but he is determined to improve them. He did his on-the-job training at Green Resort, a 2 or 3 star Resort in San Mateo, on the outskirts of Manila.

He regularly attends the Lord’s Church and is also a part of the youth group in Montalban where he resides. On days when Jerson does not have classes, he helps in the Tiny Kitchen of Vicky.

Overall, the scholars are doing very well and are appreciative of the opportunity to be going to college. Thank you to all of you who are supporting them!

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