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NingNing Philippines Education Fund recently hit a milestone in it’s three year existence. On May 28, 2012, Justine Galera became the very first graduate of the scholarship program. Alfredo Olavidez, the Director of Operations in Manila, was present at the graduation ceremony and gave this exciting report…











I was seated with Justine’s parents, Jaime and Cristina Gelera, when the candidates marched in to commence their graduation exercises.There were 151 from the STI College, Cubao Branch (Justine’s campus) and about 700 from other STI College branches.











There was a large screen at the stage which projected the candidates as they marched in. When Justine image appeared on the screen, her father exclaimed with excitement, “There she is. . . there she is!”

Filipino families cherish graduation culminating exercises, especially those who are unable to send their children to college and have to depend on scholarships or other means for the education of their children. Justine’s father silently acknowledged his inability to send Justine to College but was thankful that Ningning was established enabling Justine and now her sister, Janine, to attend college.

Justine with Mom, Dad, and Two Sisters Joy and Janine










There were a few frustrating moments before Justine reached this milestone in her life–like a failing midterm mark in English–but was able to recover for the final.

This easily was eclipsed by her other remarkable accomplishments:

  • 3rd in a cooking contest sponsored by the STI College, Cubao Branch
  • Topped the exam for foreign language
  • 98% and 100% assessment grade for her Food and Beverage Housekeeping training respectively
  • Academic Achiever Certificate of Recognition

Justine set a rather high standard for the current and new scholars to follow. We hope and pray that they will equal, if not surpass the accomplishments Justine had in her two year certificate program. She will continue on to pursue the 4 year degree program and will aim to to complete it in another two years.

Justine and Alfredo










A graduation treat was given for Justine with her family present, my family, the current scholars and Nonie. I hope this will be an incentive for the current scholars to strive to achieve what Justine did.

Post-Graduation Dinner and Celebration










Little Joy-Joy Enjoying a Scrumptious Meal












Thanks to all who have supported Justine in the completion of her two-year college degree. It would not have been possible without the help of a  Ningning Scholarship. We hope and trust we will see more success stories like Justine’s in the years to come!

Alfredo and Nonie with Current Scholars- Josie, Justine, Janine and Mark Joshua

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