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Two Years Down, Two to Go!


by Justine Gelera
July 2012

My college education is very important to me. My first two years were not easy. I often had to work late into the night to get my assignments and projects done. It was difficult because it is noisy where my family lives and there is frequently no electricity, so I have to study under a candle light. But  with determination and hard work, I was able to graduate high school.

I was grateful to have been given a NingNing scholarship to grant me the opportunity to go to college. Knowing that other people were working hard to make it possible for me to go to college, it made me exert extra effort in all my courses so I would get better grades. I am thankful to God for this scholarship because without it schooling is just impossible, with my family being so poor.

If I were not in school, I would be working.  The possibility of marriage would be a likely option, too. That is why I am all the more thankful for this scholarship. It saved me from an early marriage and it is also my motivation to press on despite all of the difficulties I face. My family also inspires me to work hard so I can get a job and help support my siblings. I am now half way to the realization of my dream. Two more years more and I will be completing my degree of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

I am so thankful to Ate (sister) Ali and those who have made it possible for me to go to college, making it possible for me to have a bright (Ningning) future!

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