Moving underprivileged youth to a SHINING life through college scholarships

Meet the Scholars

“Never in my wildest dreams . . . this simply is beyond me. I thought high school would be the last educational institution I would ever get into! College . . . almost impossible!”

These were the expressions coming from some of our NingNing scholarship recipients:


Justine became the first to receive a NingNing Scholarship. She is our first to receive her degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management at System Technological Institution (STI). After graduating, Justine landed a job with a catering company in metro Manila. Her goal is to continue improving her family’s future by helping send her younger siblings to school.

Justine is the third child of six siblings. They live in a small, shanty-like village in an impoverished area just outside of Manila’s city center. They own the little house they live in, but do not own the lot on which it is sitting. In Manila, this is known as “squatting.”

Justine’s mother is a vendor selling native delicacies and snacks like rice cakes and rice sticks. Her father drives a motorized tricycle, a common mode of transportation in the Philippines. Their earnings combined are barely enough to meet their family’s daily needs.


Josie just finished her studies at the National Teacher’s College earning a degree in Elementary Education. Her face was glowing with joy after her graduation ceremony was complete: “I am now a college graduate!” She is currently working as a secretary in a medical office while studying for her exams to qualify as a teacher.

She grew up with her grandmother while her mother worked to survive. College education was an impossible dream that has now been realized. Josie continues to remain active in her church and enjoys teaching the children.




Janine, the younger sister of Justine, is the fifth of six siblings. Poverty made going to college almost impossible. The birth of NingNing Philippines Educational Fund in 2009 brought college education within reach. Janine could hardly wait for her high school graduation in March 2012 because she knew higher education could now be attained.

Janine shows great promise in her studies with a strong work ethic and a determined attitude. She is pursuing a degree in Education at the National Teachers College and has two more years until graduating.




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