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Scholars’ Update


Josie Morales is now in her third year of college. Three more semesters and she will finish her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. A milestone indeed!

NingNing Scholar Josie attending Philippine Teacher's College

NingNing Scholar Josie attending Philippine Teacher’s College

After two and a half years at National Teachers College, Josie showed remarkable academic improvement. Her diligence paid off. She learned patience and perseverance by going deep into the night studying under candle lights since her house is located in a very poor area and does not have electricity. Her motivation might have stemmed from having been raised by her grandmother because her mother had to work for the family’s living.

Josie did not belong to the upper bracket of her graduating class but she was determined to finish college and worked hard from the very first day she started. From being a C-average student she steadily improved and got an average grade of B after two years and a half years of studying.

Josie is naturally quite shy but her involvements in the Lord’s Church have proven she is slowly coming out of her shell!

josie at tlc

Sunday School Class at the Lord’s Church

She teaches a Sunday School class to preschoolers.  She serves as Secretary of the Youth group and is Treasurer of the Alliance of Bible Christian Communities of the Philippines (ABCCOP) North Metro Manila Youth.

school in a cart november 30 748

Teaching a Class at the “School in a Cart”

Whenever Josie is free on Saturdays, she assists Nonie in his “School in a Cart” classes by teaching the preschool age street children. She gets to apply what she learns in her college courses by actually teaching a class of her own. Her dream was always to become a pre-school teacher and now she is getting to live it out in a very real and meaningful way.

Josie and the older school in a cart kids

“School in a Cart” children receiving instruction from Josie!

During the summer, Josie works for a cooking school for kids called “Tiny Kitchen.” She assists kids from 7 – 12 years of age in learning to cook. This not only gives her the opportunity to put her teaching skills to use, but she also gets to learn how to cook and teach the children techniques of cooking. What a job!

Josie is looking forward to the days she will officially get to call the National Teachers College her Alma Mater. Thank you for your support of Josie’s education!



A scholarship in the Philippines is always associated with academic excellence. A scholar enjoys a grant to attend college, graduate school, or special training. The basis of selection, a common practice, is academic performance.


Joshua Diorico at the University entrance!

The Ningning Scholarship program somewhat deviates from this norm. Our philosophy is based on Proverbs 3:27, which says that good things should be made available to those who deserve it. Rather than academic excellence, it is enough that a recipient displays a convincing desire and determination to finish a vocational or college course which otherwise would be impossible to attain because of poverty.  Although the recipient may not be highly intellectual, he or she must posses the work ethic and determination to  tackle college work.

Mark Joshua Diorico is unique in that he displays both determination and intelligence. Without a scholarship, Joshua’s college education might have remained a mere dream.

He graduated from high school with an average grade of 92 (B+) and ranked 21st among his senior class Section A of 52 students. He decided to take up Accountancy, rather than Engineering or Architecture, because he felt there might be more promising job opportunities in the field of accountancy. He took an assessment test at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and got a very impressive result–his passport for admission.


University Uniform and ID

Joshua already demonstrated leadership ability during his first week of school. His ability to take initiative and his natural creativity were traits noticed and appreciated by his peers, as well as his professors. He was urged to run for class President but thought it was not yet the right time to engage an extracurricular activity that might take away from his school work.

school in a cart november 30 003

Leading group study

Joshua made friends soon after his first few days of school. He always takes the initiative to lead his group whenever they need to study in groups. He is well-liked and enjoyed be social at school.

Joshua attends a Bible Study held regularly on the University campus. He is also active in their community outreach going to communities to help their clean-up program. Their group also raises funds to help poor school children in their needs for school supplies.

After his first semester of studies, Joshua earned an average grade of 1.61, which is high enough to qualify for the Dean’s list.


With Alfredo Olavidez at the University campus!

Joshua deserves to be helped. He wants to help others when his turn comes. He is grateful for your support of his education and says a heartfelt “Salamat!”, meaning “thank you” in the Filipino language.

By Alfredo Olavidez

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