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Josie Works Hard on the Road to Becoming a Teacher


by Josie Morales

15 August 2012

I can’t believe it! This is my third year in college pursuing a degree of Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.

Adjustment to college life marked my first year in college. My travel from home to school was very tiresome. I left the house at 6:30 AM, walked 15 minutes to the train station, had a 30 minutes train ride, and another 10 minute walk to the college. I don’t mind the walk, as I am used to it in High School. Since I am going to be a teacher, I know it is important to train myself to always be on time.

I had one unforgettable experience during my first semester of studies:

Our Instructor in English grouped our class to compete in a contest with a theme of “Language and Environment.” During the contest we dressed ourselves with garbage bags and sang the songs related to the environment we composed by ourselves. The judges liked the message of our songs and the costumes we put on. They noticed, however, our lack of actions during the presentation. They were looking for more gestures. The group that won was more active and injected jokes in their presentation, which inspired lot’s of laughter. We did not know jokes would be acceptable! Our lesson learned: know all the criteria set for the contest – a learning experience, indeed.

Most of my classes I enjoyed, but two of my subjects were very difficult for me: Pilipino Language and English. We had to do research and write a thesis. My other classmates had experience doing research in High School, but I did not. I put in extra effort to learn and contribute what I could. When I completed it, I had to defend it and my teacher said I did a good job. I was glad for that encouragement after such a difficult assignment!

I was very frustrated and discouraged after I failed the Pilipino Language Preliminary Exam. My Instructor encouraged me to study harder for the Midterm test. She said I could still make it because I did impressive job defending my thesis. My hard work paid off. I passed the midterm exam and the final!

My second year schedule was different in that my days were very long. My first class started at 7:30 AM and my last class went up until 8:30PM! To put perspective on my situation, I likened myself to the school security guard who opened the gates for the students to enter and closed them after the last one left. This reminded me that I was not the only one having long days.

I made more friends during my second year in college because none of my previous classmates were enrolled in the same courses. Again, it was in the English classes that I struggled, which made me exert more effort and time to studying.

In just three more semesters, I will complete my degree program! I am very grateful to Ate Ali and the supporters of this scholarship program for making it possible for me to go to college, and to Kuya (big brother) Iddo and Teacher Nonie for the guidance they provide me weekly. I want to make everyone proud of what I become in the future after my studies. I am also very thankful to God for this privilege to go to college.


Janine Reflects on Her Entry into College


by Janine Gelera
15 August 2012

I was both scared and exited when I went to the National Teachers College for my first day of classes. I was told college studies were difficult, unlike high school where you can take things easy. I was excited because my first day of school marked an exciting change in my life.

Starting in the first week, we were given a lot of homework and assignments to take home. For the first time, I had to go to the internet to surf for information and print articles relevant for classes. It is all very challenging, but I believe I can do it with hard work and persistence to learn new things. I will do everything within my capability to achieve my dreams and ambitions so my family can have a better life.

One of the biggest challenges I faced entering college was missing my high school classmates. I am only 16 years old, so now all my classmates are old and it is harder to relate. My hope is that I can find friends over time while I am studying here.

There are a lot of changes and challenges before me, but I believe that with perseverance and hard work, I will be able to complete my college degree so I can become a teacher. I am grateful for Ali and the donors who provided me with the NingNing scholarship.

I am hoping that my college life at the National Teachers College will be days, months and years of excitement and that I will enjoy every bit of my studies here!

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